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A Random Image

Ukraine troops abandon key airport: Ukrainian troops abandon the airport of Luhansk after clashes with pro-Russian rebels, ahead of negotiations on the crisis.
Ashya parents in extradition hearing: The parents of a five-year-old British boy who was taken from hospital against medical advice arrive at Spain's High Court for an extradition hearing.
Mexico probes mass fish death in lake: Tonnes of dead fish have been washed up on the shores of Cajititlan lake in the Mexican state of Jalisco amid a row over the cause of the mortality.
Troops return Pakistan TV to air: Pakistan's national television channel is back on air after security forces remove anti-government protesters from its headquarters in Islamabad.

Foreign worker 'mess' making oilsands site unsafe, Cdns say: Temporary Foreign Workers in Oil Patch, Johnny Demosten, Leslie Jennings

Canadian tradesmen from a huge oilsands construction project are waving a red flag about safety hazards and near misses, which they blame on the use of foreign workers who aren’t qualified and can’t speak English.

Health Canada pulling last of citronella-based bug sprays: Citronella-bug-spray

Health Canada is pulling the last citronella-based bug sprays off the shelves by December because of “the absence of adequate safety data.” The move has left scientists who advised Health Canada on the issue, befuddled by the phase-out. So are many consumers who prefer natural bug sprays.

Back-to-school: 7 million students, 440,000 educators, other stats: school-bus-students-children

From tots to teenagers, students head back to school this week, waving goodbye to parents as they board bright yellow buses or say a teary bon voyage as they head off to a faraway university.

New York Times Science
Q&A: Don’t Judge Them by Their Shells: They look different, but the difference in nutritional value between the different-colored eggs is negligible

China Plans a Market for Carbon Permits: The nation plans to use the market, expected to be introduced in 2016, to slow its rapid growth in climate-changing emissions Cholesterol Drug Halves Heart Attack and Stroke in Early Test: The results, though not conclusive, provide the first evidence that targeting a protein known as PCSK9 could reduce cardiovascular risks for millions of patients Dot Earth Blog: Accounting for the Expanding Carbon Shadow From Coal-Burning Plants: A pitch for considering a lifetime’s worth of carbon dioxide emissions when examining power plants in the context of climate change

Coverage for End-of-Life Talks Gaining Ground: Medicare may cover advance care planning that was once decried as “death panels,” and some private insurers are not waiting for the political process

Visualizing Science


2-Photon fluorescence image of glial cells in the cerebellum (400x).

Credit: Thomas J. Deerinck (National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research)

Source: Nikon Small World (2010 Image of Distinction)

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