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Afghan suicide mosque attacks kill scores of worshippers: Some 60 people are killed as worshippers are targeted in two separate attacks on mosques.
Malawi cracks down on 'vampire' lynch mobs: Some 140 arrests are made over deadly attacks on people accused of sucking their victims' blood.
King Felipe VI says Catalonia 'will remain' Spanish: King Felipe VI says Spain will solve the crisis through democratic institutions.
Mogadishu truck bombing death toll jumps to 358: More than 50 people are also still missing after last Saturday's huge truck bombing, officials say.

Putin brands Canada's adoption of new Magnitsky Act as political gamesmanship: Russia Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin is accusing Canada of playing "unconstructive political games" by passing its own Magnitsky law this week.

Supreme Court, CRA express concern about cellphone trackers after CBC story: documents: supreme court of canada 20160107

The Supreme Court of Canada and a senior executive with the Canada Revenue Agency anxiously reached out to Canada's communications spy agency for help after a CBC story revealed cellphone tracking technology was being used near Parliament Hill.

Neonatal abstinence syndrome: Small victims in a big opioid crisis: Emma

The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) has identified 1,846 babies admitted to hospital between April 2016 and March 31, 2017, after their mothers used opioids during pregnancy.

New York Times Science
Native American Secrets Lie Buried in Huge Shell Mounds: Archaeologists in Maine are working to unearth artifacts buried for centuries in shell middens. But sea levels are rising, eroding the ancient sites.

Dogs Pay Attention to Your Looks: That puppy dog face your pet makes often is a reaction to your own expression, a new study finds.

Volcanoes Helped Violent Revolts Erupt in Ancient Egypt: During the Ptolemaic Period, fluctuations in Nile flooding triggered by eruptions may have led to violent uprisings, researchers report.

LIGO Detects Fierce Collision of Neutron Stars for the First Time: Seen and heard, the fireball is a stunning breakthrough into kilonovas, bursts of energy believed to produce metals like gold and uranium in the universe.

Wolf Puppies Are Adorable. Then Comes the Call of the Wild.: No matter how you raise a wolf, you can’t turn it into a dog. To find out why, scientists have to spend a lot of time cuddling and testing puppies.

Visualizing Science



Computer model provides a new portrait of carbon dioxide
By Patrick Lynch

An ultra-high-resolution NASA computer model has given scientists a stunning new look at how carbon dioxide in the atmosphere travels around the globe.

Plumes of carbon dioxide in the simulation swirl and shift as winds disperse the greenhouse gas away from its sources. The simulation also illustrates differences in carbon dioxide levels in the northern and southern hemispheres and distinct swings in global carbon dioxide concentrations as the growth cycle of plants and trees changes with the seasons.

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

This is gorgeous… and strangely soothing.

For more mesmerizing climate models, watch Gavin Schmidt’s talk about climate change patterns»

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