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A Random Image

Anger mounts as Gaza toll rises: The US and UN condemn the shelling of a UN school housing civilians in Gaza, as Palestinians say Israeli attacks kill more than 100 in the day.
G7 says Russia faces more sanctions: The G7 group of economic powers warns President Putin of further sanctions after Russia called new US and EU penalties "destructive and short-sighted".
Ebola: Liberia shuts all schools: Liberia's government announced it is closing down all schools across the country and deploying troops to stop the spread of the deadly Ebola virus.
Dozens trapped by Indian landslide: At least 20 people are killed after a landslide buries more than 40 houses and leaves up to 200 people trapped in a village in western India.

Supreme Court registrar won't seek repayment of Marc Nadon salary: CANADA-POLITICS/

The registrar for the Supreme Court of Canada says it's up to the justice minister to decide whether Marc Nadon should pay back nearly six months of salary he earned before the top court rejected his appointment.

Contract of Toronto's long-serving police chief won't be renewed: Rob Ford Investigation 20131031

Toronto's police board decided today not to appoint Chief Bill Blair to a third term, meaning that a search for his successor will soon be underway.

Rob Ford campaign video may have violated rules: Rob Ford returning phone calls in what appears to be his city hall office.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford uploaded a campaign video that showed him returning phone calls from constituents in his city hall office, but removed the video a few hours later before reposting an edited version of the same video.

New York Times Science
Observatory: The Moon Is (Slightly) Flat, Scientists Say: “Like a lemon with an equatorial bulge” is how a planetary scientist, the author of the study, described the true shape of the moon

World Briefing: Sierra Leone: Leading Doctor Dies of Ebola: The doctor leading Sierra Leone’s fight against the worst Ebola outbreak on record died from the virus on Tuesday, the country’s chief medical officer said

Surgeon General Calls for Action to Reduce Skin Cancer Rate: In a report released Tuesday, Dr. Boris D. Lushniak, the acting surgeon general, said action needed to be taken to slow the incidence of skin cancer, the most diagnosed form of cancer nationwide

Well: Rustle, Tingle, Relax: The Compelling World of A.S.M.R.: Videos that evoke the tingling sensation of the “autonomous sensory meridian response” are popular on the Web, but scientists are only beginning to understand what might be involved

White House Pushes Financial Case for Carbon Rule: Failing to reduce carbon pollution could cost the United States economy $150 billion a year, the Council of Economic Advisers said

Visualizing Science


2-Photon fluorescence image of glial cells in the cerebellum (400x).

Credit: Thomas J. Deerinck (National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research)

Source: Nikon Small World (2010 Image of Distinction)

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